Final Project - DormMod Hanging System

As a final project, I chose to create a screw/nail-less dorm wall hanging system that could be used in my room to turn unused wall space into shelves, baskets, planters, etc. For an example, I created a basket for utensils and a planter along with the base. Here's my first notes and ideation for the project:

Final Project Notes

Along with some of the more finalized renders and technical drawings:

Sketch 1

Sketch 2

Sketch 3

Sketch 4


I was able to print the base unit on the Ultimaker Unfortunately I encountered many issues with the final printing for the basket and planter on the Taz 6. First was the two days spent just trying to get the 3rd party fillament to load and extrude properly. It uses roughly the same settings as a typical PLA, including extruder temperature, but for some reason it just didn't seem to be coming out of the head.

Image One

Image Two

Image Three