Final Project Ideas

I had a lot of difficulty this past week in coming up with decent ideas for my final. After many fruitless hours spent pinging between different art projects and electronic housings, I decided it might be best to just make whatever I would find most useful even if it might not be entirely unique.

That would be this modular dorm wall hanging system, which combines multiple command strips into one rigid attatchment point capable of supporting 3D printed planters, hangers, baskets, shelves, and more. There are three holes on the hanging mechanism and three holes on each of the attatchments, so they'll fit and hold together only with the force of gravity. It would be good to incorporate both PLA and faux-wood filament to create attatchments that are attractive as well as functional. I've found a large need for these in my dorm suite, where we have massive amounts of open wall space but barely enough counter/cabinet space. We are also forbidden to hang anything with screws or nails.

Final Project Notes

Revision of Week 3

For the revision of my week 3 print, I decided to make the entire mechanism a bit larger and thus hopefully a bit stronger/more resilient. The entire assembly was a tad dainty because I misjudged the size of the stepper motor that it connected to. The relative size has been about doubled, and thankfully it still seems to work pretty well despite the added mass. I also made sure to better detatch the rafting after the print, as I had been a bit lazy in doing that for the first print and it caused the gears to catch from time to time.